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Is this truly the life you envisioned for yourself?

For some of us, life really didn’t begin until we hit our forties. At that point when you look back you realize that’s a long time to be feeling average, and to be living in a body that didn’t always feel like it belonged to you.

Yet when we look back on our lives, it is easy to see what needs to change. Whether it’s giving all your energy to my work, feeling stuck in a toxic relationship or trying to manage weight that seems to fluctuate wildly, you are continuously running on caffeine or alcohol (or both) and experiencing lackluster health and a lifestyle filled with behaviors that don’t serve you. Sad, angry and overwhelmed becomes the norm. You know you need to change, but simply don’t know how.

We invite you to take a breath.

You don’t need to reach burn out or suffer a trauma, or serious life event to begin your health journey. In fact, it can begin now. In your 20s, or 30s. Or even 50s or 60s. It’s never too early, or too late.

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, business owners, partners and friends — a woman just like you, who is busy navigating this world, and our own health and wellness.

We’re Wildseed.

Armed with better knowledge, strategies and experience, we live with better skin, better sleep and better health without the hunger, mood swings and gut issues. You will ask us, what changed? We moved our bodies, fixed our diets, cleaned up our environments, and healed our relationships. We found solutions that worked for us. We found community.

Although different experiences led us here to become certified functional health and wellness coaches, we were all searching for the same thing — better health and wellness, for ourselves and our families. We started this practice to help other women like you, to look, feel and be their absolute best — at any, and every age. We want you to know that it’s possible to reclaim your health and experience greater clarity, connection and creativity across all areas of your life.



Let’s connect and work together.