27 Things with Aila Nordin

Suhaila Nordin is a force of nature. A woman of faith, integrity and passion, her background in retail branding and marketing lead her to Bali, where she opened a shopping mall and then stayed after she realized she wanted to do more good. Through her consultancy NIAT, she now helps brands align their business and strategy towards an intentional path. Aila supports Sun Bear Conservation for Bali Zoo and My Homeland Watanili for Syrian children.

1. What’s your astrological sign?


 2. What is your current state?

Excited. The new year optimism is in the air.

3.   Who is your hero/heroine?

 Sunday, my 8 year old Golden Retriever.

4.   What made you start and when did you decide to do what you’re doing now?

Self love and the need to stay true to me. I have always been a free spirit and an advocate to living your best life and in September 2016, I leaped.

5.  How would you describe your work?

Advocating intentionality for clarity and growth.

6.   What’s your connection to creativity?

Everything. To be intentional is to be creative.

7.   How do you choose what projects to work on and who to work with?

When it feels right. Heart and head. Energy radar is always the best measure.

8.   How do you measure success?

Gently and on my own terms.

9.   Who is your favorite artist?

Henri Matisse, painter. Lady Gaga, pop star.

10. What do you believe in?


11. Do you have any rituals? What are they?

Prayers, meditation and affirmations.

12. What is your spirit or totem animal?


13. How do you keep yourself healthy?

Water, Positivity & Sunshine

14. What does wellness mean to you?

Being at your best  – mind, body & soul.

15. How do you get inspired?

Sunrise beach walks after a good night sleep.

16. How do you give back?

I hope to make people see the best in themselves and all the beauty around them.

17. What do you want to leave behind?


18. Which words or phrases do you use the most?

“NIAT means intent.”

19. What is your motto or favourite saying?

It is written

20. What does your ideal day look like?

Stable wifi, lots of coffee, closing deals and doing the happy dance with my dogs.

21. Are you a morning lark, a night owl or a hummingbird? 

Morning lark

22. What is your next adventure?


22. What foods (& drinks) do you like to enjoy the most?

Japanese food and sparkling water

24. What is your favorite symbol?


25. What is your biggest indulgence?

My fur kids – Sunday, Jack Sparrow and Princess Shiro.

26. What is your greatest fear?


27. Finish this sentence: Wisdom is…


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27 Things are short interviews conducted with interesting women around the world that explore the connection between their art and health, wellness and design, creativity and spirituality. Why 27? It’s a mystical number filled with wonderful meanings and associations, and also serves as the inspiration behind this part Proust-questionnaire, part-personality quiz that is meant to be both enlightening and empowering.