Ancestral Nutrition

Ancestral Nutrition

When it comes to food and nutrition, there are numerous different approaches to the way we eat, how we eat, when we eat and why we eat. Through an evidence-based, functional health lens, Wildseed Health encourages and supports an ancestral-diet to support our physical bodies and improve our mental well-being.

Ancestral diets that relied on humans hunting, fishing or foraging for their food, can be adapted to the modern world. But nourishing ourselves the way our ancestors did — whole, nutrient-dense and wild — gives us most everything we need to survive and thrive. There is no one-size fits all in nutrition and coaching, and we are here to support you on your journey to better health and wellness.

Some aspects of ancestral nutrition include:

Real food
Optimizing meals
Nutrient-dense diets
Prenatal & Postpartum nutrition
Mindful eating
Healthy fats

What it is

Ancestral diets are wholesome and unprocessed.

  • The regular ancestral diet includes wholesome, natural, unprocessed and organic foods, such as vegetables, fruits, meats, healthy fats, nuts, and seeds
  • Avoidance of industrial seed oils, heavily processed foods, unhealthy sugar, certain types of fat, and most alcohol.
  • It emphasizes the consumption of food to which your ancestors would have had reasonable access and takes into consideration seasonal and regional food differences.
  • All ancestral food is natural, seasonal, and is mostly processed at home by you.

What it isn’t

Ancestral diet is not restrictive and is based on an individual.

  • Ancestral diet is not a strict nutritional plan, with a set of unbreakable rules to which you should adhere. This dietary plan is very flexible, and its main principle is to eat healthy, organic foods.
  • It is not only for meat-eaters. Vegetarians can also enjoy an ancestral approach to their diet and nutrition.


Getting clear about your vision. Defining what that is, and where you are stuck. What do you imagine being different? Finding coherence in your all your activities.

Connecting your vision to your world. Bringing that to life through relationship with your Self and others. Defining what connection is, and what you want to grow and what you need to remove. What do you imagine being different?

Taking that connection to yourself and transforming it into growth. Apply your vision to activate sustainable changes across all areas of your life.


For Individuals

Single session | Free (Limited Time Only)

Discovery Session

A one-off call (50 minutes) that helps you check-in with yourself, and explore if health coaching is right for you. Answer any questions about the process and possibilities.

Here’s what’s included:

  • In-person or Phone Session 50-minutes
  • Tools & Resources

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12 sessions | $900

Individual Sessions

A three to six month program designed to bring greater clarity to areas of your life, and to help you achieve and formulate attainable plans towards your health and wellness goals.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Health History
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions
  • Tools & Resources
  • On-going & Unlimited Phone & Text Support

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So what’s involved in a health coaching session?

Every individual is different and as a result every coaching conversation is different. There is no one size fits all and each coaching session is tailored to the individual client.

Discovery Session

Let’s say you’re interested. What next? You begin by booking a Discovery Session. This is a phone or Zoom session that lasts anywhere from 45-75 minutes. We go over what health coaching is, what the scope of practice is, and learn more about your issues, concerns and current state of your health.

Individual Session

Once you’ve decided to move ahead, we sign a coaching agreement, review any necessary forms or doctors or nutritionist reports, and begin our coaching sessions. These can be weekly or bi-weekly sessions that last about 45-60 minutes. We typically recommend 3-6 months of consistent coaching, and it is purely up to the client to continue the sessions. Clients can cancel at anytime.

Group Session

Some families or friends prefer to receive coaching together for a reduced rate. At the moment group sessions are only available upon request.



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