Becoming Consciously Creative


Creativity is typically seen as an act of the imagination. Coming up with a new idea, an original concept or artistic work can either happen spontaneously, or it can be attained through an intellectual exercise. We brainstorm. We put our heads together. We deliberate, or calculate. And we often ponder, or let our minds wander.


Get out of your mind


What if we allowed ourselves do this with a different language, and a different awareness around our creativity. Giving our minds some space to observe our thoughts, and simultaneously bring more of our heart into the act of creativity. Our heart holds so much wisdom, and we should look to it if we wish to imagine something that stirs the emotions, and challenges our perceptions. To become consciously creative, is to become aware of all your bodies in this process — not just the intellectual body, but the emotional, physical and psychic bodies. And to align this work so that it feels right not just in the mind but also in our hearts, bodies and spirits.


Inspiration strikes


Many great artists, writers and musicians are stirred by their senses, and tune into their surroundings to receive inspiration. This act of creativity is always felt first, and then the attempt to capture that fleeting moment and translate it into something meaningful through a song, or poem and a painting, results in a work of art. Through their hearts, they experience something so magical that they want to share it with the world. Inspiration can come anywhere and strike anytime, but it’s often an emotional or physical ssensation in some small way, shape or form, before it bubbles up into your brain as a thought.



Aligning your Creativity


Creativity is not limited to your ideas. Every experience you have contributes to your process. Paying attention to the quality of your experiences, and ensuring you are surrounding yourself and nurturing yourself with people and environments that supports your creativity will help keep you in alignment, and allow you to access your higher self — your true creative spirit.

Becoming consciously creative is to live in alignment with all your creative energies and bodies, as the imbalance of any of these systems can mean that one area is working harder than the other to compensate. Are you overstimulated? Are you physically fatigued? Are you out of touch with your emotions? How can you bring more peace so that you can tap into the entirety of your creative being?

Another level of conscious creativity, is about heightened awareness around your process and work, and asking the right questions. Consider the impact of your work, the outcome it will have on the environment and other people. What’s your role? Who is this work for? Are you mindful of your tone of voice, your messaging, your values? Are you in harmony with the world, or pushing against it? Are you making public what should remain personal? Are you making private what needs to be shown?

The more conscious you become of your own process and creativity, the stronger and more capable you are of making the right decisions for your self, and it will ultimately result in the creation of something truly original and powerful as you are.