“Before I started health coaching sessions I thought I had it all together but I was not accomplishing the things that were and are important to me. I was trapped in a cycle of starting and failing, giving up, feeling excited to start again, and back to the same. I can say that it was a blessing to find Wildseed Health through one of my good friends. During the time we worked together I discover my strengths but also I found that I am very good at keeping my word and staying on track if I am motivated. My coach helped me discovered a lot about myself that I knew but was not using. I had never before consider talking to a coach, I thought that whatever they had to say would be something I could come up with, but the thing is, having a coach lifting you up helps you come up with ideas and strengthens your desire to reach your goals. I can honestly say that I couldn’t accomplish so much on my own if I had not had a health coach.”

Bea J, Atlanta, GA


“My coach at Wildseed Health is incredibly warm, friendly, and oh-so-easy to talk with. Her ability to distill down from the broad and very big to the tangible and workable is a skill very few have. I feel grateful our paths have crossed as my coach has helped me discover my strengths and move along on my journey.”

Beckie T, Phoenix, AZ


“Wildseed Health helped me plant the seeds of inspiration and ideas. Her genuine care for my well-being, encouragement for finding the answers I needed in myself, unleashed completely new ways of thinking and possibilities that drove changes in my life.”

Thea H, Chicago, IL


“My doctor referred me to Wildseed Health, and I am thankful for that. It was a pleasure working with my coach. She is caring and a good listener. She helped me to learn how to process my emotions and I was able to name them. Now I feel more confident, and I have a better control on my emotions. My coach also focused on my visual exercise which helped me to change my perception in a positive way. I am very grateful to Wildseed Health, and I hope many other women get benefit through her coaching like I did.”

M Rahman, New York, NY